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I participated in Hourly Comic Day 2013 as well! …just a day late.  But since Kat got most of 2/1 covered , I decided to chronicle 2/2 (with a brief 2/1 panel to kick things off). 

9am-10am: Kat and I watch an Evangelion episode

10-11: Me, Kat, and my bf get ready for an outing

11-12: Walking/Metroing to the Renwick! BF sees an expensive car (which I cannot draw)

12-1: Going through the Renwick’s “40 Under 40” exhibit

1-2: Kat and I leave the Renwick and check out a Trader Joe’s, which has such a scary long line that we decide to leave

2-3: Kat and I walk to Georgetown, and get sustenance at Baked & Wired

3-4: Kat and I walk home and talk about poop

4-5: I get distracted by Tumblr, bf tries to distract me

5-6: I bake cookies

6-7: I make pizza (that’s goat CHEESE, not just ‘goat’)

7-8: We all watch Dredd and eat pizza

8-9: More Dredd (thusly called Dredd 3-8 in my manic drawing mode)

9-10: Work on Minaquest a little

10-??? Kat and I have some legit Old Fashioneds (with rye), popcorn, and cookies…and we watch Quality Television©

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