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Yes, the rumors were true—it was like Ghostbusters, but instead of the Stay-Puft Marshmallow man attacking, it was a giant Charlie Brown. EGADS! ocicatsy and I had a NYC adventure under the wing of the lovely hamletmachine, and we all had a great time at Mocca—in spite of me taking creepy Charlie Brown selfies (along with saffronscarf and owlformation in the top pic!). Ran into Hexxor, mineraloid, ahvia, brofisting, and phantombones, traded zines with snackaddict, and saw many others! And then Kat and I ended up bringing home a ton of sweet loot as pictured…

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ala-bas-ter, rebecca dunlap, aldenviguilla, krismukai, zacharyzezima, ofalldimensions, bittesehr, bestialvigour, kathetja, lizsketch, inkmaggot, inknose-art, bgibsdraws, akitron, evanpalmercomics, teenytinynoni, leighluna, mclaineileen, karatemcdanger, amandascurti, rumihara, jeremysorese, kelseysunday, nickiluzada, acedraws, darshanapathak, sewergator, devcrap, kwishwich, salternates, 304am, hoursago, redribbonrobot, sylvanmigdal, astralrejection…I already had my preorder copy of starlock's Hotblood! comic, otherwise I would've picked that up too.

 I’m sure there are more, but that’s everything I could find on the comicpile above…COMICS 4 LYFE \m/ \m/

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    MOCCA was amazing! It works out really well having the 5-ish hour busride afterwards to have time to read all the...
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    thanks for buying my book~~~ ^^
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    yooo this is such a good haul ;w; i hope you enjoy your comics!!! thank you for stopping by our booth!
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  5. hamletmachine said: Haha, that pic is epic, I LOVED SEEING EVERYONE!
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